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eContract & Payment Solutions

Quote, Invoice, Sign, Get Paid.


Control your cashflow with Gridpay eContracts

Get in touch and see how Gridpay can help your business grow

No Monthly Fee

no contract, cancel anytime

Accept Credit/Debit Cards

2.2% + 50p

per transaction, flat rate for all cards


Build beautifully branded quotes

Gridpay’s quote builder enables you to build professionally branded quotes and send them directly to your customers. Get instant notifications on quote acceptance. You can even turn your quotes into invoices so that you can easily bill your customers and get paid through Gridpay.

Accept all major credit/debit cards

Build beautifully branded invoices and securely accept all major credit/debit cards. Build and manage staged payment plans and get notified about late payments. Gridpay also automatically sends a receipt to your customers so the whole process is seamless.


Securely store and eSign documents

Send your customers contracts/documents to electronically sign. Once signed and agreed the documents are locked in, securely stored on the grid and are always available for both parties to view or download.

Assign tasks and communicate

Attach tasks to an eContract or individually assign tasks to your team members. Monitor their progress and receive notifications of overdue tasks. Chat directly with your customers and Gridpay will automatically log all communications.


Custom built eContracts

Gridpay gives you the tools to build bespoke eContracts, unique to each customer. Our goal is to provide you with the ability to manage projects of any size seamlessly, from the moment you send out the quote to the receipt of the final payment.

3D Secure Protection

Visa Mastercard

All our payments are processed using 3D secure card protection*, adding an extra layer of protection against fraud and disputes. All our payments are also run through Stripe Radar, ensuring the maximum possible fraud protection available, so you can sleep easy with Gridpay.

*Payment card must support 3D Secure and be activated for protection to be enabled.

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