Gridpay 1.0.0

With Gridpays eSign you can build trust with your customers and suppliers.

We’ve been working on our marketing strategy over the past couple of weeks and trying to come with the best ideas of how to generate awareness about our product, while on a shoestring budget. This is obviously a problem that all start-ups face, and something we knew we would have to tackle head on from the start.

“Build it and they will come!”

It’s hard to accept the dishonesty of this statement, especially when we have been working so hard on a product that we believe in, and are incredibly proud of. But we accept the truth, and like all businesses, know we are fighting for the small amount of attention people are willing to give.

Our product is built around trust, B2B and B2C. It’s a cloud-based website application that supports people doing business together. Think DocuSign meets PayPal and you’re on your way to understanding what we offer. The tricky part is getting that across to people without confusing them.

We started building Gridpay in Early September 2018 and it was launched in early April 2019. We now have several small to medium size businesses using the application, all of whom are very positive about the impact Gridpay has had on their business. We have had to make the odd tweak here an there to keep everyone happy and are still updating daily to improve the application. But generally, we are very happy with how it has all gone.

We all agreed at the start, the moment we moved from beta into first release, we would all have to switch our focus from development into marketing. While it’s not our main area of expertise, we just don’t have the budget currently to hire more people. We feel were up for the challenge and excited about what’s to come.

We are going to tackle social media first. Mainly because it’s free to start and feel we need to start building our profile first, before moving into paid advertising. We have several different ideas based on the audience we think we will attract on each platform and are ready to split test as we go.

If you are interested in our progress or are in a similar position to us, we would love to hear from you.



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